Working Papers

  • Storable Goods Monopoly with Intertemporal Cost Variations (with R. Fiocco) (Latest SSRN W.P. Here
  • Strategic Export Motives and Linking Emission Markets (with P. Hatzipanayotou and N. Tsakiris) (CESifo W.P. Here)
  • Pollution Permits and Financing Costs (with M. Delis, S. Ongena and C. Tsoumas) (CEPR W.P. Here)
    • Related VoxEU article 16 December 2020 Here


  • Tax Competition in the Presence of Environmental Spillovers (with P. Hatzipanayotou, M. Michael and N. Tsakiris) International Tax and Public Finance (2022) Vol.29: 600–626  Here
  • Strategic Inventories under Limited Commitment (with R. Fiocco) RAND Journal of Economics (2019) Vol. 50, No 3: 695-729 Here
  • On the Strategic Effect of International Permits Trading on Local Pollution (with E. Kyriakopoulou) Environmental and Resource Economics (2019) Vol. 74 No 3: 1299–1329 Here
  • Destination vs. Origin-based Commodity Taxation in Large Open Economies with Unemployment (with P. Hatzipanayotou and N. Tsakiris) Economica (2019), Vol. 86, No 1: 67-86. Here
  • The Effectiveness of Taxation and Feed-in Subsidies (with R. Strausz) Environmental and Resource Economics (2017) Vol.67, No 4: 925-940 Here
    • 2017 ERE Best Paper Award
    • A non technical summary can be found Here
  • Asymmetric Price Adjustment: A Supply Side Approach (with R. Fiocco and D.Y. Guo) International Journal of Industrial Organization (2017) Vol.50:  335-360 Here
  • On the Informational Superiority of Quantities over Prices in the Presence of an Externality: a Non-parametric Model (with N. Tsakiris) Environmental and Resource Economics (2016) Vol. 65, No 1: 227-250 Here
  • Tradable Permits vs Ecological Dumping when Governments Act Non-cooperatively (with P. Hatzipanayotou and P. Koundouri) Oxford Economic Papers (2014), Vol. 66, No 1: 188-208 Here
  • Information and Disclosure in Strategic Trade Policy: Revisited (with N. Tsakiris) Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade (2014), Vol. 14, No3: 415–427  Here
  • Second Best Environmental Policies under Uncertainty (with P. Hatzipanayotou and P. Koundouri) Southern Economic Journal (2012), Vol. 78, No. 3: 1019-1040 Here
  • International Rivalry Under Endogenous Regulation (with P. Hatzipanayotou) Strategic Behavior and the Environment (2011) Vol. 1, No 2: 151-174 Here