Welcome to my homepage. Currently I am a full-time Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics at Athens University of Economics and Business and a Research Associate at the Chair of Microeconomic Theory at Humboldt University Berlin. My research interests are in the area of Industrial Organization, Public Economics and Applied Microeconomics.

E-mail: fantoniou[at]aueb.gr

Tel: (+30) 210 8203580

CV (June 2022)


Storable Goods Monopoly with Intertemporal Cost Variations (with R. Fiocco) forthcoming at International Economic Review Here

Tax Competition in the Presence of Environmental Spillovers (with P. HatzipanayotouM. Michael and N. TsakirisInternational Tax and Public Finance (2022) Vol.29: 600–626  Here

Strategic Inventories under Limited Commitment (with R. FioccoRAND Journal of Economics (2019) Vol. 50, No 3: 695-729 Here

On the Strategic Effect of International Permits Trading on Local Pollution (with E. KyriakopoulouEnvironmental and Resource Economics (2019) Vol. 74 No 3: 1299–1329 Here

Destination vs. Origin-based Commodity Taxation in Large Open Economies with Unemployment (with P. Hatzipanayotou and N. TsakirisEconomica (2019)Vol. 86, No 1: 67-86. Here

The Effectiveness of Taxation and Feed-in Subsidies (with R. StrauszEnvironmental and Resource Economics (2017) Vol.67, No 4: 925-940 Here 

Asymmetric Price Adjustment: A Supply Side Approach (with R. Fiocco and D.Y. GuoInternational Journal of Industrial Organization (2017) Vol.50:  335-360 Here

On the Informational Superiority of Quantities over Prices in the Presence of an Externality: a Non-parametric Model (with N. TsakirisEnvironmental and Resource Economics (2016) Vol. 65No 1: 227-250 Here

Tradable Permits vs Ecological Dumping when Governments Act Non-cooperatively (with P. Hatzipanayotou and P. KoundouriOxford Economic Papers (2014), Vol. 66, No 1: 188-208 Here

Information and Disclosure in Strategic Trade Policy: Revisited (with N. TsakirisJournal of Industry, Competition and Trade (2014), Vol. 14, No3: 415–427  Here

Second Best Environmental Policies under Uncertainty (with P. Hatzipanayotou and P. KoundouriSouthern Economic Journal (2012), Vol. 78, No. 3: 1019-1040 Here

International Rivalry Under Endogenous Regulation (with P. HatzipanayotouStrategic Behavior and the Environment (2011) Vol. 1, No 2: 151-174 Here

Working Papers

Emission Markets Linkage and Strategic Environmental Policy (with P. Hatzipanayotou and N. Tsakiris) (SSRN W.P. Here)

Pollution Permits and Financing Costs (with M. DelisS. Ongena and C. Tsoumas) (CEPR W.P. Here)

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